Who am I?

Morwenna Kirwan, PhD


I am a mum – a fairly new role for me.  I love being a parent.  So far the nights are long, but the days are short.  This new chapter in my life has given me a greater understanding of the delicate dance involved to balance family, work and health.

Health Coach

I am a certified health, nutrition and eating psychology coach.  I have qualifications from Health Change Australia and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

International Presenter

I’ve presented at national and international academic, health and fitness conferences for the past decade.  Topics I often discuss include: motivation; psychology of change, overcoming anxiety and depression; stress and weight-loss; mind-body nutrition; meditation; mindfulness; mindset and binge eating; willpower; reaching your health goals; food addiction; positive body image.

Dr in Health Behaviour Change

I’ve completed four degrees at university – including a Masters in Exercise Science, with a major in psychology and a Doctorate in Health Behaviour Change.

University Lecturer

Until recently I lectured at university in the health science program.  I have taught many undergraduate and postgraduate courses including: health psychology, nutrition, positive psychology, physical activity, health promotion and exercise science.  My favourite courses to teach were always the ones that challenged students to make a change to their health – and happiness, through proven evidence-based strategies.

Personal Trainer

I’m a certified Personal Trainer and been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  I’m also a passionate group fitness instructor – in particular I love teaching yoga and pilates.

Research Scientist

I am a trained scientist – fascinated with all things health.  In particular I spend time investigating how best to support individuals in reaching their health goals.  I research diet, nutrition, physical activity, behaviour change, habits, and willpower.  I love to learn – so this gives me the opportunity to better understand why I struggle, why we all struggle.  I particularly love learning about the strategies and tools that can help us get out of our way and optimise our health.

Knowledgeable. Articulate. Engaging

FC11 - Newcastle - Campus Manager

Morwenna provides great insight into how we can strengthen our willpower and put effective strategies in place to help us achieve the goals that mean the most (to us).

Speaking Engagments

Client List:  Western Sydney University – Medical School, Filex,  Active Fitness HQ, FC 11.

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Inspiring experience!

Western Sydney University - Medical School, Director of Academic Program

“Dr Morwenna Kirwan is an amazing speaker and inspired our first year medicine students to strengthen their willpower, motivate themselves during tough times and cope with stress.  I highly recommend her.”