So many of my clients make the same mistake. They keep dreaming about the scale hitting that goal number.

As a recovered emotional eater / stress eater I am passionate about supporting my clients in reaching their weight loss goals. That is why I have to share with you some important research. The findings from this research outlines a crucial way of thinking that can shift everything.

In a 2013 study in Applied Psychology, researchers measured the weight loss of 126 dieting women. The dieters who focused solely on the desired outcome of losing a specific amount of weight wound up losing less weight than the dieters who simply focused on what they could control: improving their daily eating habits.

In simple terms this research outlines that when you are trying to lose weight (or even just get healthier) being process-oriented (focusing on cultivating daily healthy habits) is a more effective and powerful strategy than being outcome-oriented (focusing on a number on a scale).

Why does being Process-Oriented = Achieving Better Progress?

Here are five reasons why being process-orientated is the key to achieving your goal.

  1. If you focus on the outcome of weight loss, and that outcome does not happen quickly enough, you are more likely to give up.
  2. In contrast, when you focus on the process of eating healthier on a daily basis, then you can feel proud and confident on a daily basis, and this gives you momentum.
  3. If you are process-oriented your focus is in the present moment and there’s a lot of power in living in the NOW. You are better able to overcome the fear of failure and the stress of impatience.
  4. Being over-attached to outcomes can make getting started difficult – the journey ahead can feel long and overwhelming.
  5. In contrast, if you just simply focus on taking the journey one step at a time – you can skip the overwhelm and make significant progress.

The lesson to be learnt from all this, is that if you want to lose weight …

  • Pay attention to HOW you will get to your goal, rather than WHEN you will get there.
  • Stay connected to the steps you need to take to achieve your goal, rather than viewing the journey as something you need to rush through.
  • Remember “where your attention goes, energy flows”. So stay focused on each action you need to take to lose weight – and relax into it.