I use to to believe that if I just had more willpower to eat healthy and was more motivated to exercise – then I could lose weight.

But here’s the truth that I learned the hard way, willpower and motivation are not enough when it comes to losing weight, keeping it off, and staying healthy. 

There I said it.  I feel like the Grinch that stole Christmas.

I now know better.  If only it was that straight forward.

Research has shown that willpower is a limited resource within us – easily depleted by everyday activities and stress.  Think of willpower like the battery of your mobile phone – at the start of the day it is fully powered (if it was charged overnight!) and then as the day progresses the battery is drained.

Your willpower drains as you go through your day.

Think of the times of day that you struggle most with willpower, and healthy eating.  Is it first up in the morning ….. or is it in the late afternoon – when you notice a dip in your energy, and your willpower feels non-existent as you reach for the closest sugary snack to perk you up.

So if you can’t count on willpower to be your loyal friend, what about motivation?

Motivation is an emotion.  It is a feeling and it is fickle.  It fluctuates.  I suspect you have counted on motivation in the past to reach your goal of weight loss and been disappointed that it didn’t stick around – especially at those times when you needed it the most.

So if counting on willpower and motivation is not the best strategy for reaching your health goals ….. what is?

H A B I T S.

Healthy Habits.

Small behaviours done on a daily basis that aggregate overtime and make a massive difference to your health.

I know cultivating healthy habits doesn’t sound half as sexy as using willpower and motivation to lose weight – but I can tell you this for certainty:

The key to reach your goal of weight loss is Consistency (the second most un-sexiest word in the dictionary). 

Imagine making healthy choices even when you don’t have willpower, when you don’t feel motivated, when you are tired, and stressed.  Habits can make that happen.

Of course you don’t just want to create healthy habits – you need to also break those bad habits – you know the ones that sabotage your success.

Whenever a client tells me they don’t know why they keep sabotaging themselves, and are not making healthy choices consistently –  I immediately know that their thinking patterns are the culprit. These thinking patterns have usually been around for years and are so deeply ingrained that in most cases my client can’t break free.

Of course that changes once they spend quality time with me :-).
That is the blueprint for success.

Success = habits + accountability (a coach for example!)

Are your thinking patterns sabotaging your success?  If they are – we should chat!

I have a limited number of complimentary coaching sessions available this month.  Sign up so you don’t miss out.  In this session we can figure out what your habitual thinking pattern is that undermines your success and talk strategy!

I would love to support you – so 2017 can be the best year EVER!